Program Schedule (Day 1)

International Conference on 

Sustainable Environment & Healthcare

(ICSEH 2019)



































































































































































































21st December 2019 (Saturday)

Venue: Gandi Bhavan : Dr. H. L. Roy Auditorium Hall :  Dr. K. P. Bose Memorial Hall







Inauguration Function

Venue: Gandhi Bhavan, Jadavpur University

Welcome Program

Inaugural Song

Inaugural Address:

Revered Swami Sarvalokananda

Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Narendrapur, India


Welcome Address  :

Dr. Sumit K. Poddar

Vice President, Dr. Tarak Nath Podder Memorial Foundation, Kolkata, India


Message from Patron :

Dr. Jayanta Chakrabarti

Director, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI)


Presidential Message :

Prof. Dr. Amiya Kumar Hati,

Former Director, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, India.


Key Note Speech

Prof. Dr. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Kolkata, India

Message from Dr Tarak Nath Poddar Memorial Foundation

Prof. Dr. Suryyapada Podder

President, Dr. Tarak Nath Podder Memorial Foundation, Kolkata, India



Release of Book



Tea Break



Session I : Plenary

Venue: Gandhi Bhavan


Speaker 1:

Energy Security and Environmental Wellness -- India's Lens

Dr Sanat Kumar Saha

Honorary Member ( Eminent Scientist), West Bengal State Council of Higher Education,

Government of West Bengal, Kolkata, India & Member, Statute Committee, Rani Rashmoni Green University, Government of West Bengal, Kolkata, India.


Speaker 2:

Sustainable Education: the future direction

Dr Jayanta Das

Vascular Surgeon, AMRI, Kolkata, India.


Speaker 3:

Rabies – A Disaster

Dr. Sumit K Poddar

Vice President, Dr Tarak Nath Podder Memorial Foundation, Kolkata, India


Speaker 4:

Lifestyle related skeletal problems in Indian Society

Prof. Dr. Ananda Kishor Pal

Professor & HOD of Orthopaedics & Traumatology IPGMER, SSKM Medical College Kolkata, India



Session I B (Parallel Session) :  Open paper Session: Nursing

Venue : Dr. H. L Roy Auditorium Hall



Perceived Stress Among B Sc. Nursing 1st Year Students.

Ranu Bag



Parent Teen Conflict And Emotional Intelligence Among Adolescents.

Mita Mandal



Prevention of Road Traffic Accident.

Azma Khatun



Awareness About Under Five Danger Signs Among Mothers.

Baisakhi Sarkar



Prenatal attachment level among young and elderly primigravida mothers in hospital of Kolkata

Senna Riram  and   Moumita Bishnu Roy



Healthcare Practices Among Hypertensive Patients.

Mouli Sarkar


Nature’s Process – A Perfect Methodology for Auto-correction

Alokya Kanungo, Biswabandita Kar




Session I C (Parallel Session): Open paper Session:

Venue : Dr. K. P. Bose Memorial Hall


Safranin dye adsorption from aqueous medium by various forms of coconut coir: isotherm, kinetics and regeneration studies

Indrajit Ghosh, Tamasha Chatterjee, Sayanti Kar, Sudip Kumar Das


Studies on effect of cooking methods on biochemical constituents of sweet potato

Krishna Kumari Behera, Achintya Mahato and Surajit Mitra


Impact of various combination of seaweed and neem cake in growth and vase life of Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) cv. Prajwal

Karishma Maherukh, Arun Kumar Pal


Divergence Analysis of Different Lentil Genotypes on The Basis of Nutritional Parameters and Yield Attributing Characters

Subhadeep Ray, Anita Aich, G.S.Mandal


Detection of Alpha Globin gene Triplication in Eastern Indian region which causes Beta Thalassemia Intermedia

Gargi Bhattacharya


Assessment of physical health problems along with risk factors and psychological health problems of the victims attending post disaster medical care facility at Uttarakhand, India

Anita Paul Samanta and Ansuman Mitra


Effect of Some Engineered Nanoparticles on Crop Plants Growth - Pros & Cons

Anindita Dey






Session II A (Parallel Session) : Plenary

Venue : Gandhi Bhavan

Speaker 1

Best Safety and Sustainability Practices – a presentation from

Budgebudge Refineries Ltd., West Bengak, India


Speaker 2

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare-The Future

Dr. Simantika Ghosh

Consultant Anaesthesiologist, NSH, Kolkata, India


Speaker 3

Bridging The gap between specialty and primary care : the need of the hour

Biswarup Ghosh

AMRI, Kolkata, India


Speaker 4

Cronobacter sakazakii in milk and milk products

Prof. Dr. Alka Prakash

Department of Zoology, Dayalbagh Educational Insitute, Agra, India


Speaker 5

Water :Today, tomorrow and the day after

Dr. Biswabandita  Kar

Dean, Research and Development Cell & Associate Prof, Dept of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India.


Speaker 6

Electro Homeopathic System of treatment is safe system and safe remedy.

Dr. Asok Kumar Mallick

Principal: Rajlaxmi Electro Homeopathy Medical College & Hospital, W.B.


Speaker 7:

Impact of climate change on major plantation crops

Prof. Dr. Anupam Pariari

Professor and Head Dept of Plantation, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (PSMA), Faculty of Horticulture, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (BCKV), India


Speaker 8:

Health Insurance in India – An Answer for Sustenance

Dr. Kaustubh Mukhopadyay

Director(Administration) Shusrusha Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd., Faculty in KPC Medical College for MHA Courses. India


Speaker 9

Trade off between Biodiversity and Profitability: A quest for sustainability

Anita Chattopadhyay Gupta

Principal, Desbandhu Girls College, Kolkata, India


Speaker 10

Protection of Environment in Sustainable Smart World by Green Internet: A Techno-legal Study

Dr. Samir Chandra Das

System Manager, Centre for Research in Nano-science and Nano-technology, Salt Lake Technology Campus, University of Calcutta, Kolkata

Nodal Officer, Bio-medical Instrumentation Science, Joint Academic Programme of University of Calcutta and The West Bengal University of Health Sciences, India


Speaker 11:

Quality of life and Empowerment among women: An Exploratory study.

Prof. Purnima Kundu

Acting Principal

Govt. College of Nursing, BSMC, Bankura


Speaker 12:

Distance covered in Primary Health care system in India: An Overview.

Dr. Bansidhar Mulia

Head of the Department, Department of Plastic Surgery, KIMS, KIIT (Deemed to be University), Bhubaneswar , India.


Speaker 13:

Pan Masala A Challenge to The Clinical Efficacy of Drugs  – An Awareness

Dr. Ardhendu Bikash Sarma

Quality Manager, Proanalyzr, Kolkata.


Speaker 14:

A Global Attitude, A Global Perspective, A Global Pledge Towards Sustainability: An Approach of Understanding

Dr. Debdas Ray

Retired Associate Professor of Geology, Asutosh College, Kolkata.



Session II B (Parallel Session) : Open paper Session: Biodiversity

Venue : Dr. H. L Roy Auditorium Hall


Sacrifices for survival: Flock-guarding by sentinels in the Jungle Babbler (Turdoides striata)

Bidipta Ghosal


Ecological Imbalance  a Great Problem of Migratory Birds: a Case Study of Santragachi Jheel, Howrah District

Santana Debnath


Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Dinajpur Districts, West Bengal, India

Bidisha Maitra Sen and Santi Ranjan Dey


Effect of Micronutrients on Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) Under Gangetic Alluvial Plains of West Bengal

Anupam Pariari, L. James Singh, Adon Lepcha , Sarthak Bhattacharya , Soumitra Bera and Ruokuobeinuo Hangsing



Comparative Synergistic Approach Between Streptokinase and Natural Compounds In Inhibiting the Fibronectin Binding Protein (FBP) in Biofilm of S.aureus Associated Surface Wound Infections- An in silico Study

Anushka Ghosh, Deboleena Das, Abarna Chatterjee, Sushantika Chatterjee, Prateek Banerjee, Annapurna Jana, Dibyajit Lahiri, Moupriya Nag


Study of Microbial status of Coastal Estuarine soil of Sundarban, West Bengal

Debolina Sarkar , Pabitra Banik


Analysis of Measured Fine Aerosol Species in A Semi-Urban Atmosphere, Kharagpur.

Tanya Gupta, Shubha Verma, Kanishtha Dubey


Different Major and Minor Activities Performed by Different Age-Sex Classes of Commensal Hanuman Langur Group in A Temple Area of Dakshineswar, West Bengal

Shohini Mitra


Analysis of spatio-temporal trend in groundwater elevation data from Arsenic affected alluvial aquifers-case study from Murshidabad district, West Bengal, Eastern India.

Rhitwik Chatterjee, Swetadri Samadder, Debabrata Mondal


Punarnava – A Remedy for Chronic Renal Failure

G. Roja Ramani, Pavan Gowda M and D. Gowthami


Processing of Nephrolepis exaltata with glycerine to enhance shelf life by drying

Biswajit Karmakar, Suhrita Chakrabarty & Abid Hayat


Study on The Diversity of Edible Aquatic Fauna Collected by Local Fishermen in Gopinathpur Area of The River Rupnarayan

Riyanka Kar Mondal, Somnath Mandal


Bio-efficacy Evaluation of Paecilomyces lilacinuson Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in Chilli & Cucumber

Puspendu Samanta, A K Ghorai & Gautam Chakraborty


Assessing Distribution Pattern and Abundance of Owls in The Community Reserves of Meghalaya, India

Aritri Sarkar


Analysis of Fish Morphology Diversity in Relation to Their Habit and Habitat: A Case Study from Ichthyofauna of Howrah District, WB, India

Suchismita Medda, Chayanika Roy, Sayak Ganguly and Santi Ranjan Dey


Ornamental Plants as Phytoremediation and Floating Island - A Review

Kunal Adhikary


Numerical Taxonomy of Aphid Associated Neuroptera of West Bengal for the Construction of Digital Key

Subhasree Dutta and Santi Ranjan Dey


Biodiversity and Conservation of Medicinal Plants

P.Pravalika Reddy and Apurba Bandyopadhyay


Use of Different Resources and Source of Foods by Adult Female and Sub Adult  Female Groups of Commensal  Hanuman Langurs in a Temple Area of Dakshineswar, West Bengal

Debolina Banerjee


Performance of new gladiolus cultivars under the Gangetic plateau of West Bengal conditions

Kommu Pavan Kumar, Aparna Sarkar, Tapas Kumar Chowdhuri and Raghunath Sadhukan


Improvement of quality traits in brinjal through heterosis breeding

Tithi Dutta and Arup Chattopadhyay


Morphotaxonomy & Molecular identification of an intertidal benthic Nemertean from Coastal Sundarbans with an emphasis on its fishery potential

Soumik Dhara, Santosh Kumar Bera and Sudipta Kumar Ghorai




Session II C (Parallel Session) : Open paper Session: Agricultural Sciences

Venue : Dr. K. P Bose Memorial Hall


Bioefficacy of Some Bio-Pesticides Against Major Insect Pests of Cabbage and Their Effects on Natural Enemies

S Samanta, A Samanta, A K Sahoo and S Mandal


Practice of Farmers Towards Minimizing Environmental Pollution and Health Hazard Caused by Chemical Plant Protection Practices

Anuttam Pariari and  S.D. Mukhopadhyay


Biochar: An Environmentally Sustainable Residue Management

Debmala Mukherjee, Subhrajyoti Chatterjee and Amit Ranjan Mandal


Effect of Micronutrients on Growth and Flowering of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) var. Rosaline

Aparna Sarkar, Tapas Kumar Chowdhuri, Raghunath Sadhukhan and Kommu Pavan Kumar


Influence of Mulching and Irrigation on Yield and Fruit Quality of Wood Apple (Feronia limonia Swingle)

Subrata Mahato and S.N.Ghosh


Nanotechnology: A Contrivance For Sustainable Crop Production

K. V. Manjunath and Pavan Gowda M.


Issues For A Sustainable Horticultural System

Anjaneyulu K.


Study of the Volatiles from the Elite Mango Variety Kohitoor by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Analysis

Subhasree Dutta, Santi Ranjan Dey, Smriti Kumar Majhi and Mitu De


Analysis of the Comparative Role of Hydrilla verticillata and Vallisnaria spiralis in maintaining the physicochemical parameters in an aquatic ecosystem for sustainable aquaculture

Chayanika Roy, Suchismita Medda, Sulagna Roy, Santi Ranjan Dey and Mitu De


Sacred Groves: A Primeval Biodiversity Conservatories of Medicinal Plants in India

Pavan Gowda M., Anupam Pariari and G. Roja Ramani


Cluster Analysis of indigenous Mango (Mangifera indica L.) varieties of Murshidabad district of West Bengal, India

Susanta Ray, Subhasree Dutta, Sayak Ganguli, Mitu De, and Santi Ranjan Dey


Effect of Nitrogen Sources on Storability of Three Cultivars of Betelvine (Piper betle L.)

Aloke Bar, Pooja Biswas and Anupam Pariari


Bio efficacy of some biopesticides against major pests of Chilli and their effect on natural enemies

Rana Sen and Arunava Samanta


Present status, problems and future prospects of garlic (Allium sativum) improvement in India

Suman Nandi and Anamika Upadhyay


Finding permissible limits of arsenic in inceptisols and irrigation water with reference to dietary risk to human health through rice

Agnibha Sinha, Kallol Bhattacharyya, Sudip Sengupta and P.Dinesh Kumar


Genetic Variability Among Aromatic Rice Genotypes For Yield and Grain Quality Parameters

G. Parimala, Ch. Damodhar Raju


Integrated Nutrient Management of Nigella (Nigella sativa L.) in Combination with Vermicompost.

Anupam Pariari, Gobinda Saha, Aloke Bar and Aparna Sarkar


Observations of zooplankton community of river Damodar with special references of its environmental conditions.

Subhendu Bikash Patra


Interdependency of phytoplankton- salinity during monsoon  in  Southern   Sundarban

Saranya Chakraborti


Potentials of Proteomics in Crop Improvement

Desetty J.M.S.N.K. Sri Veda


Hydrogels as A Water Reservoir for Plants

D Srilakshmi, M Hanuman Nayak