Abstract & Full Paper Submission


Abstract Submission


 The researchers are invited to submit their abstracts (250-500 words) mentioning the mode of presentation (Oral / Poster) with keywords, affiliation, email, phone number.

Please mail abstract to drsandeeppoddar@yahoo.com

 The submitted abstract will be published in the abstract book of the conference. 

 Abstract must be submitted within 5th December, 2019 


Guidelines for Submission of Full paper


Articles should contain approximately 1000 to 4000 words. Shorter or longer submissions may be submitted upon approval from the editor.


Articles must be submitted online as an email attachment to: 



Segment the Articles in the following parts:

1. Title Page:

      a. Title

      b. Running title

      c. Author name

      d. Corresponding Author Name

      e. Affiliation

      f. Email

      g. Corresponding Author Email

2. Introduction

3. Materials & Method

4. Result

5. Discussion

6. Conclusion

7. Acknowledgement

8. References

Tables, Illustrations, Figures and Photographs: Graphics such as table, illustrations, figures and photographs must be embedded in the article you are submitting (in MS word).

Last date of submission of full paper: 7th December, 2019 




International Conference on 

Sustainable Environment & Healthcare

(ICSEH 2019)